Green Retrofitting

  • 15 May 2024
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Hi, My name is Ali Afrooz.
I am a master student in the University of Twente. For my thesis I’d like to interview residents of Utrecht and Amsterdam cities who have applied Green Retrofitting practices in their houses or at some points they have thought about it but has not implemented yet. These practices can be PV installation, Green Roofs, Green Walls, Bio-based and high efficient insulation materials, and etc.. Generally anything could be covered that has improved the energy, environmental, or social aspect of your living condition.
I would love to have small interview with you (online or any place of your convenience). I hope you could also share this with anyone who could help me with this.
Phone number: +31 6 45069353 (WhatsApp is also available)
email: a.afrooz@student.utwente.nl , ali.afrooz.2012@gmail.com

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